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Introduction PVC Flex Banner

Introduction PVC Flex Banner 

1 Introduction
Quality differential points banner: the thickness, tensile strength, ductility, weather resistance, light resistance, flame resistance, peel, flatness, as well as for printing ink absorption, color reproduction and the like.

Three processes
Banner is divided into three types: namely Knife Coated banner, legitimate banner and paste banner.

2 production methods
Knife Coated banner
Knife Coated banner use PVC liquid raw material to crap on banner back and up side well-proportioned,then it is fully integrated into a whole through the drying process, after cooling forming. It features anti-permeability, with strong capabilities of anti-strengthl and anti-stripping . Since the product as a complete whole, so eliminate peeling, and by welding can splice strength is greater than the product itself. 
Currently, the banner width can reach 5 meters. Due to the complexity of the production process, production equipment is relatively expensive, so the cost of this products is much higher than others

 Which is stirred by PVC powder and the liquid plasticizer and other raw materials,  after the heat  high pressure , the banner will paste to a whole fabric. Its characteristics are a good surface flatness and uniformity of light transmission, including lighting the lamp cloth more advantages. But by limiting their facilities, width is generally not more than 3 meters. Developed by US company 3M 645 and 945 are two boxes cloth produced by such a process; the other South Korean company LG developed Lexi banner is representative of such processes.

Lamination method
Which is composed of upper and lower layers by heating under pressure with the heat roller and bonded together with light of fibres in the middle ,and then cooled forming. The greatest feature of this products is ink absorption and strong colorful showing. Thus, by the rise of large-scale inkjet printing, the banners brought boundless vitality. Currently, such vinyl market share in China has exceeded 70%.

550 Printing cloth

Fabric for 500X500D, 9X9, general weight ranging from 320 g / m² to 440 g / square meter, ranging thickness from 25 -40s, , the main performance, smooth surface, bright color inkjet, thick, tensile and strong.
520 Printing cloth

Fabric for 200X500D, 18X12, medium weight, from 240 g / m² to 300 g / m². Thickness ranging from 28s -31s, the main performance, smooth surface, bright color inkjet, thick, tensile force general ..

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