Block Out Banner (Black & White)
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Block Out Banner (Black & White)

Block Out Banner (Black & White)

Place of origin: China
Price Terms: FOB, CIF
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T
Minimum Order: 20 pcs
Delivery Time: 3-7 days
Item: PVC Flex Banner Super Glossy 300*500D
Item No.: GL-FB3844
Specification: 2.0-3.2*50 m
PVC thickness: 0.38 mm
Liner weight: 440 g

PVC Flex Banner:
Supply 520 digital painting cloth, 520-2 printing banner cloth 3.2 * 80 m high precision digital painting cloth, light in the cloth, the light cloth, light box cloth, double-sided printing banner cloth, black and white cloth, gray cloth spray painting, and face cloth.

Product Description:
Digital painting cloth and name: light box cloth, is a kind of two layers of PVC and high strength of the grid cloth rolling synthesis of ink-jet printing materials, their fair share of the lighting and the lighting two kinds.

Product Categories:
Their fair share of the lighting and the lighting two kinds

Product Features:
Has good ink absorbency, pervious to light evenly. Anti-aging, weathering good, good impact, and make products with long service life. Strong railroad cars/containers, surface smoothness, luster. Mildew prevent, and scale, easy to dry cleaning. Good flexibility and high tensile strength.

Product use:
Outdoor advertisements, outdoor signs advertising, waterproof project, curtain wall, furniture accessories, etc.

Suitable Model:
Sweet, elegant color blue, limit, industry is a chameleon, such as solvent printing banner outdoor machine. MIMAKI JV3, JV5, ROLAND, SJ740 weak solvent type, etc.

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