Car Color Changing Film
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Car Color Changing Film

Car Color Changing Film

Place of origin: China
Price Terms: FOB, CIF
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Car color change vinyl
Key word High flexible Car Color Changing Sticker 
Brand Julong
Material PVC
Specification 1.52*30m
PVC face film 0.125mm
Color Black red white gold, green, blue others are availiab.
Description 1. Good quality, easy for application.
2. Many sharp colors are available.
3. Standard size: 1.52*50m/rol.l
4. Release paper: 140g
5. Face film: PVC 0.125mm.
6. Removable glue: 35g/m2±2g/m2                                                                                                                            
7. 5-7 years outdoor durability.
Function 1. Decorate the car body                                                                                            
2. Protect the car paint
Advantages 1. Easy On, Easy Off
With car care & decoration leading a new fashion in the auto world, your every need and fantasy in being different and unique are going to be satisfied. Among the assorted care options, one of your best choices is color change film. It is quick and convenient, easy on, easy off. Wherever you like it, whenever you want it, just one stick away, you can clothes your sweetie an eye-catching dress. No more paint, no more residue. When the film is taken off, your sweetie will be brand new as if a newborn baby, nor a vestige ever left on the car. You can drive happily and drive differently!
2. High Quality & Weatherproof
With color change film, you can say goodbye to wrinkles, cracks or dogears. It is highly weatherproof too, with perfect resistance against unpleasant weather conditions such as acid rain, hailstone, snowstorm, sandstorm and other extreme weathers. There is no need to worry that it will oxidate into uninviting yellow. Just clean it a bit, and it will be fancy again.
3. Flame Retardant and Heat-&Corrosion-Resistant
When the ambient temperature falls between -40C to 90C, color change film is able to insulate your car from heat or flame, and provide continued protection against oil, grease, fuel, fat solvent, weak base, weak slat, acid rain, crushed stone, scuff, pebble, bird’s dropping, oil stain and other threats.
4. Light and Pliable
With its extraordinary pliability and stretchability, color change film allows stretching a lot over its normal size. When returning to normal size, it incurs no deforming or elongating. By the way, it is perfectly stickier than you think.
5. Anti-Scuff and Light-Filtering
With its wonderful pliability, color change film can automatically stretch to cover any tiny blemishes such as a little scuff, scrape, abrasion and so on and so forth. Besides, it can filter strong lights and UV rays as well as other lights that may harm the paint of your car.
6. Seamless Solution
Color change film can cover your car as whole, jointless and seamless, and guarantee originality and glossiness as much as the original paint.
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