cast acrylic sheet
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cast acrylic sheet
cast acrylic sheet
Place of origin: China
Size: ACR1mm
Package: CARTON
Price Terms: FOB, CIF
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T
Minimum Order: 20 pcs
Delivery Time: A week
Brand Name: JuLong
Product description:
Material: Acrylic
Thickness: 1.0 mm~10 mm
1220 mm*2440 mm; 1220 mm*1830 mm
We can also provide any other sizes according to your special needs.
Color: clear, milk white, opal white, red, yellow, blue, black ect.

The properties of acrylic sheet
Excellent transparency  
Light weigh and strong
Various colors
Excellent in insulating the electricity
High rate of light penetration
Easy to fabricate
The most superior weather resistance among plastics
Have good chemical tolerance

The physical properties of acrylic sheet

Specific gravity 1.19-1.20
Hardness M-100
Absorptivity of water (24hrs) 0.3%
Tension 92-0 mpa
Coefficient of rupture by pull 760 kg/ cm²
Coefficient of rupture by bend 1050 kg/ cm²
Coefficient of elasticity 28000-32000 kg/ cm²
Bending rate 1.49
Rate of light penetration (parallel rays) 92%
Full rate 93%
Heat distortion temperature 100℃
Coefficient of linear expansion 6*10(5) cm/ cm/ ℃
Highest temperature of continuous operation 80℃
Temperature ranges of thermoforming 140-180℃
Degree of insulating the electricity 20 kv/ mm

The chemical tolerance of acrylic sheet

Vitriol 60℃ 60% stable
Hydrochloric 60℃ 30% stable
Nitric acid 60℃ 20% stable
Acetic acid 60℃ Dissolve
Hydrofluoric 60℃ Not corrosive
Caustic soda 60℃ 50% stable
Aqua ammonia 60℃ 18% stable
Aqua ammonia 20℃ 28% stable
Chlorine water Become dark
Lodine water Easy to dye

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