cast clear and color acrylic sheet
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cast clear and color acrylic sheet

cast clear and color acrylic sheet

Place of origin: China
Size: ACR5MM
Package: carton
Price Terms: FOB, CIF
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T
Minimum Order: 20 pcs
Delivery Time: a week
Brand Name: JuLong

Cast Clear And Color Acrylic Sheet

Product description:

Material Acrylic
Thickness 1.0 mm~10 mm
Standard sizes 1220 mm*2440 mm; 1220 mm*1830 mm
Color clear, milk white, opal white, red, yellow, blue, black ect.
add Other specification can be customized


1. Electrical: lighting equipment parts, clear sheet.
2. Machinery: wind-proof glass, taillights
3. Building: AD lampholders, billboards
4. Commodity: buttons, decorations, sunglasses, stationery, lamp accessories, camera lenses, mirrors, artificial jewelry.
5. Others: glasses, dentures, optical parts, medical supplies.
6. Automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and other vehicles lights, instrumentation, telecommunications equipment and a variety Commodity and decorations.


With high light transmission(92%), It was called the"Queen of Plastics";
Excellent resistance to weather;
High surface hardness and gloss;
Good processability; it is suitable for both mechanical process and thermal forming;
It has good resistance to chemical corrosion and it is suitable for surface decorations such as spaying, silkscreen printing, vacuum evaporation coating and coating;
Various applications and designs;
Dyeing is available for acrylic sheets; Spraying, silkscreen printing and vacuum evaporation coating on the surface is possible;
Acrylic sheets vary in tapes and colors and have excellent comprehensive performance which provide designers with various choices;
The acrylic sheet has various applications.

Methods to identify the recycled acrylic sheet
1. See: The appearance of recycled acrylic sheet is yellowish, especially apparent in horizontal angle.
2. Touch: The surface is easy to be scratched.
3. Smell: The recycled acrylic sheet has a strong pungent odor no matter in stock or in fabrication. When burning, there will have bubble and black smoke as well as bad smell.
4. The recycled acrylic sheet tends to deform and generate bubbles in the process of thermoform.
5. The recycled acrylic sheet is sensitive to paint and ink, easy to generate silver lines and crack.
6. The recycled acrylic sheet tends to become yellowish after exposing to the sunshine.
7. The recycled acrylic sheet is inferior in dissolvent tolerance and easy to crack

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