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Client Is Our God


Client Is Our God

Guangzhou Julong advertising material Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 and is a comprehensive private enterprise specializing in advertising decoration materials. We use advanced equipment and exquisite technology in our production.
Our company, with wide ranges of specifications and selection on colors and designs, will certainly satisfy your needs. OEM orders are highly welcomed. With maturity in production and stability in quality, some series of our products have passed the test by SGS Environment protection authority. Client is our god, we can't develop without customers.

Why customers choose JuLong?

JuLong's innovation and product inspiration comes from customers, JuLong continued innovation and efforts to meet customers' need, help customers to solve their problems. Including China, customers from over 70 countries and region have chose JuLong products, JuLong not only provides indoor and outdoor commercial signage materials, but also shares experiences and skills to customers, grow jointly with them all. It is just same as Julong's operational aim: quality first, clients first, and reputation first.

How customers choose JuLong?

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Sales Networks In China

JuLong can serve its local customers at the quickest delivery and best service, to provide the most considerate cooperation.

In overseas market

JuLong products are distributed in over 70 countries and regions. Thousands of distributors, agents and end-users are selling or using JuLong products. Julong is trying its utmost to share the market information with its global customers and lead the digital painting and advertising decoration media to a new development era. If you need further information, please contact our sald staff. decoration

What will customers get from JuLong?

JuLong provides commercial signage materials, form advertisement to bill board, indoor to outdoor, home design to decoration, floor to automobile bodies, single color to full colors, for each kind of signage materials, form their design, testing, processing and inspection, we never ignore to consider its physical and chemical matching, its excellent compatibility ensures JuLong products has credible performance and durability, no matter whenever and wherever, to help customers to create outstanding corporate image, enhance reputation and bring more business opportunities. outstanding

Applied range:

Dynamic media like vehicles, subway, glass wall, commerce boards, billboards, automobile individualized graphics, home decoration, floor advertising, architectural ornament, Light box advertising, Ambry production and so on.

Applicable industries for JuLong products:

Finance, communications, electricity, advertising, retail chains, automotive, construction, food and beverage, petroleum, public facilities and other industries.

Enterprise Culture Core principles: Pursue Super Excellent Quality, Surpass the International Standard, and Quality is the First. Client is our god, we can't develop without customers.

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