Cpaster color vinyl film120g glossy and matte face
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Cpaster color vinyl film120g glossy and matte face

Cpaster color vinyl film120g glossy and matte face

Place of origin: China
Model No.: C8501-8646
Size: 1.06*30m/1.2*50m/0.6*9m
Package: Carton
Price Terms: CIF, FOB, EXW, CFR
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C Western Union, Paypal...
Minimum Order: 5 rolls
Delivery Time: 3-5 days
Brand Name: Cpaster


Product introduction:
Computer vinyl cut stickers film also called as self-adhesive label stickers, is the film as the fabric, with adhesive on the back, to the silicone-coated protective paper as the bottom paper a kind of composite materials. Because of the operation is easy, is widely used in the field of advertisement. First, making the draft as requirement in the computer, then using the computer output plotter to put the picture on the computer cutting vinyl film, finally, use the shift film transferred the picture to the final panel, such as glass, acrylic board,  metal plate ect. computer cutting vinyl film is constituted by three parts: the surface for pvc film manufacturer, and the middle is high viscosity of oily stickers, the backside paper is release paper. According to usage can be divided into pervious to light, translucent and opaque , it is the most ideal material for advertising, wall stick and car wrap vinyl.

Product description:
Specification: 1.06*35 m/ 1.22*50 m/0.6*9m
Material: PVC face film +imported pressure-sensitive adhesive+silicon release paper.
Thickness: Face film: 0.10 mm    
Release paper: 120 g  
Packing: Carton 
Temperature resistance: -30~70℃
Paste environment: indoor temperature about 15℃.
Function: Indoor And Outdoor Advertising(picture/ character) graving, advertising signboard make, Decorate Store window, Decorate Light Boxes, Store decoration, Wall Decoration, Car Decoration, Display interface ect.
Feature: Good anti-UV, anti-shrinkage capability with long durability, bright colors.
Notes: decoration use, as acrylic plate, glass, painted metal plate, plastic plate, flat wooden surface, PVC film and adhesive surface.

Quality and test standard:
1. The seller must supply the goods according to the product name and the specification in the contract.
2. The buyer can open some package to take some products for sampling inspection. If the products are not up to standard which mention in the contract, the buyer can return the goods to the seller.

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