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Exchange of experiences: What is pvc sticker?


pvc sticker 

    pvc sticker
is paper in a rookie, it does not contain optical brighteners, mostly milk white, beige, white valley, soft colors, vision has a protective effect. Meanwhile, light texture and bulk paper good, after folding, opacity, printability and print the document reproduction is good. Most importantly, the proportion of this paper is lighter, with its printed books than printed books with plain paper weight of about one-quarter to one-third alleviate facilitate the reader, but also saves transport and mail order costs.


  pvc foam sheet coefficient generally represents the thickness, such as 1.5,1.7,1.8, etc., refers to the thickness of the paper divided by quantitative. Basis weight (quantitative): Paper Weight basic unit marked "g / m2" grams per square meter weight representation. Order: The unit of the amount of paper, commonly known as an order for 500. Bouquet: Each flat piece of paper packaging unit may have a bunch of photos ranging 100,250,500. Order weight: weight per ream of paper, with a basis weight of the paper size in terms of ride-pound units.


  Coated paper: paper coating surface after calendaring process, paper lint smooth, low scalability suitable for printing of color and fine mesh wire. Non-coated paper: surface by gluing, uncoated paper coatings, paper coarse, strong ink generally used in printing a line or lines of the coarse mesh. Recycled paper: paper and then to recover the production, the paper uncoated paper. Cardboard: general basis weight of 200g / m2 or more of the paper, called cardboard.


  Dimensions: Take mm expressed in metric or inch and so indicates the paper area. Commonly expressed as flat sheets Size: inches notation: 25 "X35" Metric notation: 635mmX889mm inch notation: 31 "X43" Metric notation: 788mmX1092mm web: Paper to be rolled into the entire volume of the way for the packaging suitable for commercial printing offset presses marked contents inches wide, length m, weight kg, paper basis weight g / m2 affected wire paper machine speed, flow and squeeze the water to the arrangement direction of the fibers, will shun the machine direction, several phenomena were arranged parallel to the longitudinal direction, referred to the filament. Straight Wire Paper: Grain direction parallel to the long side of the paper, known as straight wire. Horizontal wire paper: Grain direction parallel to the short side of the paper who is called horizontal wire.
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