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How to choose pvc sticker


pvc film manufacturer
PVC (polyester fiber) membrane materials


  According to the intensity level is divided into Ⅰ Ⅱ, , , grade,


  Fabric substrate pvc film manufacturer material should be polyester-based, polyamide-based fabric. Polyvinyl chloride-based coating mainly (PVC) resin, according to the functional requirements of different coating weight should be between 400 ~ 1500g / m2, the surface layer should use polyvinylidene fluoride resin (PVF), polyvinylidene fluoride resin (PVDF), polypropylene resin (ACRYLIC), silicone resin, etc., and should have an improved self-cleaning and anti-aging properties of PVC film material functions. PVC membrane material thickness should be greater than 0.5mm. Surface layer within the warranty period should have a stable anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet erosion, should have self-cleaning properties.

  Choice points

  1) the surface layer of pvc foamboard membrane material, the shelf life should have the ability to stabilize the anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet erosion surface with self-cleaning properties.

  2) PVC membrane material in the fire environment will appear after reaching the melting point of the Cave, Cave border spread burning, but no fire. According to China GB8624 "burning behavior of building materials classification method" was designated as Class B1 flame retardant materials.

  Second, compared with the related products

  Part of the performance ETFE, PVC and fabric membrane material PTEF comparison

  1) ETFE membrane is a polyester film does not contain a single fabric, in order to constitute structural bearing components made only after the gas is injected under pressure gas.

  2) PVC membrane materials and PTFE membrane material is a multi-functional composite materials, which constitute the primary by a fabric, it has a high resistance to creep capability, can be used as a structural material.

  pvc foam board manufacturers refers to a composite made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyester fiber base layer made of a coating film material. PVC membrane affordable and widely used. Thickness of only 0.61mm of moderate-intensity PVC membrane, which is equivalent to half the tensile strength of steel.

  PVC film durable life in general, according to the use of different environments in 5 to 8 years. In order to improve the weather resistance PVC membrane, has been developed in recent years, fluorine-based resin on the surface of PVC coating material for further processing, the most common practice is applied to the surface of PVC PVDF coating, another coated with Tio2 (titanium dioxide) in PVC film material to improve its weather resistance and stain resistance of new membranes. PVC membrane through a special surface treatment has a good self-cleaning properties, surface dust and condenses into rain drops, homeopathic shed, so get natural membrane surface cleaning.

  Compared with pvc foam sheet manufacturers material, PVC membrane materials in durability, fire resistance and self-cleaning on some relatively poor, but PVC membrane has easy processing, low-cost advantages. In foreign permanent building materials commonly used PTEF film, temporary or can be replaced with PVC membrane surface membrane building material. The membrane is widely used in our existing membrane structure, the current trend is gradually being replaced by PTFE membrane construction.
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