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Management of Indian enterprises to create a "psychological advantage" rules of survival

Advertising Materials China are often reluctant to mention the failure, not to mention in terms of publicity, even in everyday exchanges will also avoid the topic as much as possible. In fact, we all know that a fundamental truth, the winners are a minority, while the loser is often the mountains and plains. Printing enterprises are always trying to tell people, they will never take advantage of, is to "Home Improvement," the so-called "irresistible force", and no influence, let alone "Pozhu" Therefore, companies sometimes do not exactly own strength the game, the game is more psychological. Always maintain a winner's mentality, will support small and medium sized advertising material manufacturers constantly blazing. Only psychologically better, and the language will appear more active role in the negotiations with the customer, it is precious. This is the reason why companies are always eager to find some eloquent salesman join. Under "can only succeed," the guiding rules of survival, but also spawned a "must not only promise the good news bad back" phenomenon. Printing business managers or marketing staff, well aware of the power of the media, especially the Internet turbulent era, any little trivial matters through communication networks, can be a household name overnight, they are extremely sensitive to media publicity. The most terrible is, hit good media hype, "Silicon Valley legend" author once described Kaplan reporters: "Put your information spread out to be a major news and curious crowd's contest, they also believe that is suspicious, to rely on someone else to grab the head to capture the story to make a living ...... find it difficult to make the public relations staff is always better than a group of reporters may be trusted as a group of animals. "So, now many printing companies have special publicity department, some large the enterprise also has a public relations firm, dedicated staff to write "press releases" for large-scale activities of enterprises, some Advertising Materials Supplier prefer to media only made the manuscript public relations can be, without the need for media reporters to write something again, because companies are very worried reporters who write things, leaked corporate secrets, do not meet the publicity angle of enterprises, and even have some negative news reports appeared. In fact, we may also post on his personal blog from the well-known IT critic, Dr. Fang Xingdong Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication, "Entrepreneurship is a cruel game: Only you eventually succeed, your everything is right," the article notes found. Fang Xingdong said: "Entrepreneurship is such a game: you are successful, what do you say what is right; you fail, you all are wrong and decided everything, very simple and very simple, very clear, however. this is the rules of the game, not about right and wrong. "focus" advantage "to create a living state, appears to have real success for tomorrow foreshadowed.
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