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PVC Flex Banner

PVC Flex Banner

Place of origin: China
Price Terms: FOB, CIF
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T
Minimum Order: 20 pcs
Delivery Time: 3-7 days

PVC Flex Banner Series
1. Product description: PVC flex banner is made of two-tier PVC and one piece high-strength mesh, it is for inkjet printing. It including frontlit and backlit.
2. Product category: Frontlit PVC flex banner and backlit PVC flex banner.
3. Material: PVC
4. Product features: Smooth surface, glossy, colorful after absorbing ink, Good weathering resistance, high stretching resistance, long life.
5. Product usage: Outdoor light box advertising, outdoor billboards, waterproofing project, curtain, furniture accessories ect.
6. Suitable printer: VUTEK, YASELAN, GONGZHENG, NUR and other outdoor solvent based grant format digital printer. MIMAKI JV3 ROLAND SJ740 and other eco-solvent based grant format digital printer.

SNItem No.Product NameBasic FabricWeightSpecification
1PHW-LF520-280PVC Frontlit Banner(high glossy) 280 g500*200 18*12280 g1-3.2*100 m
2PHW520-280PVC Frontlit Banner 280 g500*200 18*12280 g1-3.2*100 m
3PHN520-300PVC Backlit Banner 300 g500*200 18*12300 g1.2-3.2*80 m
4PHW550-340PVC Frontlit Banner 340 g500*500 9*9340 g2.5/3.2*50 m
5HB530-340Blackout Banner 340 g500*300 18*12340 g2.5/2.8/3.2*50 m
6PHW320-260PVC Frontlit Banner 260 g300*200 18*12260 g1-3.2*100 m
7PHW320-320CBPVC Frontlit Banner 320 g (white)300*200 18*12320 g2.5/3.2*50 m
8PHW320-320QBPVC Frontlit Banner 320 g (bluish white)300*200 18*12320 g2.5/3.2*50 m
9PHW320-340PVC Frontlit Banner 340 g300*200 18*12340 g2.5/3.2*50 m
10HB550-380Blackout Banner 380 g500*500 9*9380 g2.5/3.2*50 m
11PHN530-510PVC Backlit Banner 510g500*300 18*12510 g1.8-3.2*50 m
12SP1100-440Double Side Printable Coated Flex Banner 440g1000*1000D440 g1.6-3.2*50 m
13DG-440Coated Banner 440g
440 g1.6/2.5/3.2*50 m
14QZ-120Solvent Flag Fabric
120 g0.76/0.914/1.27/1.52/1.82*100 m

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