Pvc Foam Panel
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Pvc Foam Panel

Pvc Foam Panel

Place of origin: China
Model No.: ZS15
Size: 1.22*2.44m/1.56*3.05m
Package: Carton/Tray
Price Terms: FOB, CIF
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T
Minimum Order: 30pcs
Delivery Time: a week
Brand Name: JuLong

PVC Foam Panel:
pvc foam panel also known as snow eph board and Andy board, its chemical composition is PVC. Widely used in buses, trains ceiling, body core layer, internal decoration with board, outside the building in the wall, the adornment with board, office, residential, public buildings lie between, commercial decorative frame, cleanrooms use board, condole roof, screen printing, computer lettering, advertising, exhibition board, sign with mark plate board industry and chemical album anticorrosion engineering, thermoformed piece, cold storage with board, special for cold engineering, environmental plate for mould, sports equipment, breeding materials, seashore damp-proof installation, water resistant materials, artists materials and various light partitions instead of glass ceiling, etc.

PVC Foam Panel Specifications
Standard size:1220mm*2440mm.
Density: 0.38g/cm³-0.4g/cm³
Big size: 1560mm*3050mm,2050mm*3050mm

Advertisement:printing in silk screen,sculp,setting-cut board,lamp box,etc;
Building upholster:decording indoor and outdoor,business decorative,separate the house;
Furniture process:stationery of indoor and office,kitchen and toilet;
Manufacture of car and ship:upholster in car,ship and plane;
Industry manufacture:project of antisepsis and environmental protection,refrigeratory,moulding-hot part.

PVC Free Foam Board Physical Properties

Testing Item Unit Testing Result
Density g/cm3 0.5-0.8
Tensile Strength Mpa 12-20
Bending Intensity Mpa 12-18
Bending Elasticity Modulus Mpa 800-900
Impacting Intensity KJ/m2 8-15
Breakage Elongation % 15-20
Shore Hardness D. D tape 45-50
Water Absorption % ≤1.5
Vicar Softening Point 73-76
Fire Resistance
Self-Extinguishing Less than 5 seconds

Processing Characteristics:

Second thermoforming and cutting are available.
This product has smooth surface and can be used for professional printing and photo.
General wood tools can be used for this product’s processing of planing,drilling,nailing and sticking,etc.
It can be welded according to general welding sequence,or welded with other PVC materials.

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