PVC Free Board White Color
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PVC Free Board White Color

PVC Free Board White Color

Place of origin: China
Model No.: HL005
Size: 1.22*2.44 m, 1.56*3.05 m
Package: Standard Export Carton, wooden stock
Price Terms: CIF, FOB, EXW, CFR
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Cash
Minimum Order: 20 pcs
Delivery Time: 3-5 days
Brand Name: Longhe

PVC Free foam board Specification:

Size: 1.22*2.44 m 1.56*3.05 m
Film Material: PVC
Thickness: 1.8-30 mm
Products density: 0.36-0.9
Available Color: White

Product Features
1. The waterproof, flame retardant, acid and alkali resistant, moth-proofing, qualitative light, insulation, sound insulation, damping characteristics.
2. And wood the same processing, and processing properties is far superior to the wood.
3. Is wood, aluminum, composite plate ideal substitute.
4. "This very smooth surface, high hardness, not easy have Nick, is often used to make ambry, furniture, etc.
5. The series of products by 5 resistance formula after syndrome is made, the color can be permanent, not easy ageing.
6. Product quality of a material is light, storage and transportation, construction is convenient. This product can use the same wood processing tool construction.

PVC free foam board surface hardness general, widely used in advertising exhibition board, framed the drawing board, screen printing and engraving.

The product selling point:
* "Foamed PVC board, has a sound insulation, sound-absorbing, thermal insulation, heat preservation, such as performance.
* Foamed PVC board light texture, storage and transportation, construction is convenient effort.
* Foamed PVC board its smooth surface, also printing.
* Foamed PVC board quality has the flame retardancy, can from extinguish fire security, can safe use.
* Foamed PVC board each series products have the moisture proof, mould proof, absorbing performance, but also shock effect is good.
* Foamed PVC board of products made by the syndrome of resistance formula, the color can be permanent, not easy ageing.
* Foamed PVC board commonly use wood processing tools can construction.
* Foamed PVC board can be like wood as the drill, saw, nail, planing, sticks and so on processing.
* Foamed PVC board can be used in hot forming, heating bending and folding processing.
* Foamed PVC board according to general welding procedure welding, either with other PVC material cementation.

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