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PVC sticker membrane pressure process control points

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pvc sticker membrane pressure technology is widely used in the furniture industry. MDF as a substrate to be processed into a variety of linear and then covered with a variety of brightness, color, texture of PVC film, so that a variety of products, giving consumers more choices and create space. However, the application of this technology to produce the products. Its quality is vastly different pros and cons. The reasons for these differences are in addition to the base advertising materials and PVC itself factors, control of process parameters is also crucial. Alien plant north of the following multi-function press (Model TM2580), for example, the use of Tiger (models AH0201-D) two-component membrane pressure film pressure, the whole process will be explained.

1. Alien versatile press works

Use pvc color cutting sticker plasticity, through the membrane pressure time, equipment and cavity temperature adjustment and control of air pressure, to PVC heat, pressure, PVC coated on the surface of the workpiece. Work process: (1) a workpiece placed on the table, the cut surface of the substrate good PVC covering; (2) into the table below the heating plate; (3) a heating plate with the table closed; (4) heating plate between the air and the silica film is withdrawn, adsorbed onto silica gel film is heated on a hot plate; (5) reaches the set time of the heating plate between the membrane and the injection of compressed air silica, silica gel membrane in close contact with the PVC, the workpiece and PVC is heated, while the PVC is, the temperature reached the edge of the plate glue activation temperature; air (6) between the table and the PVC was quickly drawn to form a vacuum, and then injected into the compressed air and heating plate between PVC, PVC set under the action of pressure and temperature are coated plate. On.

2. Practice

2.1 requirements of film adhesive

Caulking is a two-component glue headlight film, the activation temperature is 70-75 ℃. Storage temperature at 5-30 ℃, below 5 ℃ will cause flocculation. Plastic buckets should not be placed directly on the ground, should be placed on a wooden pallet, especially in winter. Film adhesive is valid in the state without removal of the original packaging, from the date of the factory for six months.

Caulking membrane allocation ratio: curing agent comprises 3-5%, main agent and curing agent are mixed, the main agent should be kept under stirring, the curing agent was added slowly and stirred for at least 3 minutes. Glue should ensure that each configuration used within four hours. After reclosable plastic buckets should be against the plastic.
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